Design and developing of:

Ground Based Synthetic Aperture Radar (GB-SAR)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Based Interferometric radar

Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO)

Bistatic/Multistatic Radar

Sensor Network

Non-destructive testing campaigns on:

Civil infrastructure


Historical and Cultural Heritage

Compressive Sensing MIMO

X-Band compressive sensing MIMO

Interferometric MIMO Radar for Bridge Monitoring

Patent: 102018000006797

Bistatic Interferometric Radar

Ku interterometric radar for monitoring slander structures

Patent: 102016000102764


Monitoring of Slender Structures

Ku interferometric radar and Seismic Accelerometer

Monitoring campaign of Maratona Tower – Artemio Franchi Stadium, Florence, Italy

Monitoring of Ancient Towers

Ku interferometric radar

Radar monitoring campaign of “Torre del Mangia” – Siena, Italy

GPR investigation of the floor of Palazzo Vecchio’s Great Hall

ORFEUS – Step Frequency Continuous Wave GPR

Investigation of the floor of Palazzo Vecchio’s Great Hall, Florence, Italy

Radar for snow cover monitoring

Interferometric X-band GB-SAR

Field experiment carried out in the Tyrolean Alps, Austria

Radar for glacier monitoring

Interferometric X-band GB-SAR

Monitoring of an Alpine Glacier

Radar for landslide monitoring

Interferometric C-band GB-SAR

Radar for mines monitoring

IBIS – IDS spa 2006

Monitoring open-pit quarries by interferometric radar for safety purposes

Survey of cultural heritage

Interferometric radar, Ku-band

Radar detection of pedestrian-induced vibrations on Michelangelo’s David